“Think creatively, create strategically.” This is the concept behind Cozzette, a line of cosmetic brushes, brush cleaners and eye shadows designed by leading international Celebrity Makeup Artist Roque Cozzette. Utilizing his experience of decades spent in the Makeup industry, as well as a contagious passion for positive creative energy, Roque has pushed the boundaries of cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and renewable resource performance to the forefront of modern technique. His brushes are an investment to last you a lifetime of artistry and are faux-fabulous- keeping with the quality and performance of the traditional tool, the Cozzette brushes are vegan, innovatively mimicking the consistency of real fur. His infinite shadows boast silky, ultra-pigmented and vibrant finishes – able to be foiled, layered and blended for the perfect look. It’s the kind of cause you feel great supporting, and you look all the better for it.