Made with love in Montréal, BKIND boasts a line up of exquisitely-crafted skincare products and accessories. With their insta-worthy facial rollers and charcoal-infused cleansing sponges, BKIND is one of the chicest brands to hit the Canadian market.

But so much more than just a stylish exterior, this brand is all about substance. Founded by microbiologist Marilyne Bouchard, BKIND is passionate about delivering on their promises. Each product is designed using ingredients and materials backed by science, ensuring that you get the most out of your skin.

Above anything else, BKIND is determined to make the world a better place. Committed to treating both your skin and the environment with respect, BKIND is 100% eco-friendly. From biodegradable materials to recyclable packaging, this indie brand effectively treats your skin without compromising the environment. So whether your looking to target acne, slow down signs of aging, or calm irritated skin, switching to sustainable beauty is simple with BKIND .