Chris Birchby has a love of all things beautiful. Beauty that he also brings to the products, packaging and culture behind Coola, of which he is founder and CEO. Possibly the most terrifying moment of his life, finding out both his parents had Melanoma, forced Chris to analyze his own sun habits and led him on a search to find an organic sunscreen which, as it turns out, didn’t exist – until now. Taking sun care into his own hands, Chris has created a line of suncare products that are 70% organic, with broad spectrum UV protection and all produced in sunny San Diego in batches small enough to be thoroughly tested before release. Focusing on a ‘farm-to-face’ approach, natural ingredients such as beeswax, acai fruit oil and chamomile extract not only boost your sun protection but repair previous skin damage at the same time. Because Chris believes in constant sun vigilance and sun care for all, his products are based on one formula for every skin type and activity level. So bring on those warm, sunny afternoons or raucous days at the beach. Coola has you and your loved ones covered no matter what fun sun activities you have planned.