Welcome to our CQ bookshelves – where we come to bask in beauty, brush up on techniques or simply revel in the artistry that those around us have to offer. This carefully-curated collection displays our go-to tomes, each one chosen for the specific inspiration and education that are sure to come bursting forth from the beautiful pages once the cover is cracked. And to spread the CQ love to each and every one of you, our books are always 20% off! Take a tour of our CQ Library with us!



Get ready for a creative book like no other. British Fashion photographer Rankin and New York and London-based Makeup Artist Ayami Nishimura collaborated to present an incredible collection of portraits that surpasses mere beauty photography, translating it into high art. Known as the Queen of Cosmetic Colour, Ayami has worked with major celebrities, such as Lady Gaga, been featured in the pages of illustrious magazines, such as Vogue, W and AnOther, as well as in countless campaigns for Fashion’s major league players like Vivienne Westwood and Missoni! She creates elaborate, whimsical fantasy worlds though her vivid imagination that transforms her models into stunning rainbow and bejewelled sculptures. Let Ayami and Rankin whisk you into another world!


MAKING FACES by Kevyn Aucoin


The Makeup Bible. Covering everything from basic tools to eye design to colour placements and so much more. This treasure chest is full of Kevyn’s secrets to not only how to use the fundamentals but how to apply them as well. A must have for those starting out on their Makeup journey. We just can’t stress enough how necessary this book is!


FACE FORWARD by Kevyn Aucoin


Explore the past, present and future of beauty with one of our favourite beauty pioneers: Kevyn Aucoin. Dedicated to showing the transformative powers of Makeup, this book features everything from minimal-application makeovers to more elaborate celebrity re-creations – Gwenyth Paltrow as James Dean!? – in a style so true to Kevyn’s aesthetic. For all your transformation Makeup and character development questions, this is your guide.


NAILED by Luis Gispert, Jamel Shabazz, Dzine (Carlos Rolan), Kim Hastreiter


Famous for his fusion of commerce, custom culture craft and high art have propelled Dzine into the sensational levels he currently sees. This luxurious book looks at the history of nail design and adornment, both in North America and across the globe, as well as celebrates noteworthy contemporary nail art designs. Prepare to be dazzled!


CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN by Christian Louboutin


We all know those laquer-red soles and lust-worthy shoes, now get to know the man behind the name and some of his most beautiful footwear looks from the past 20 years. With a foreword by actor John Malkovich, hundreds of exquisite stills, exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Louboutin’s fabled studio spaces and a fabulous fold-out pop-up in the cover, this book would add red carpet dazzle to a coffee table. There are no reasons NOT to want this book!




With sharp precision and conceptual edge, Makeup Artist Caroline Saulnier’s hard-hitting creatives find the perfect looking glass in Rankin’s lens, making for a striking addition to the CQ shelves! Caroline Saulnier has honed her craft with over 25 years in the industry, brushing out beauty with bite for editorial and prestige commercial work alike. Headdresses made of doilies, fascinators of rumpled laundry and thumbtack contouring are all reasons that you should want this fantastic book for your library!

François Nars by François Nars

Francois Nars book

Laced with over 500 photos, curated by the man himself, these pages take you into the life and mind that brought the revolutionary Nars Cosmetics to fruition. Working alongside the most coveted creative teams (Versace and Oribe!?) and shooting editorials for the highest echelons of fashion magazines allowed Nars to leave his indelible, unique and still resounding mark on the creative world. This luxurious volume is a tangible, intimate and in-depth look at the man who revolutionized the beauty industry starting with his multistick. Prepare to delve into the world of the ultimate beauty mastermind with complete abandon and see where his inspiration takes you! With great power, comes great responsibility – we now bestow upon you the power to become the ULTIMATE Nars-iccist!

One Woman 100 Faces by Francesca Tolot

Queen Bey’s Makeup Artist! Need we say more?! Francesca is one of our generation’s most stunning artists and to give you a little proof, she’s assembled this book showcasing both her’s and model Mitzi Martin’s transformations over the years. Transcending time, mood, emotion and identity, Francesca shows one woman and 100 of her faces. There’s also a foreword by Beyoncé herself you won’t want to miss out on!

Miles of M•A•C by James Gagner, Miles Aldridge

Fan of M•A•C Cosmetics? You need this book. A nostalgic journey back to the creativity and journeys M•A•C has taken the beauty world on, as well as the man who is (mostly) responsible for capturing those stunning images we all know and love: Miles Aldridge. Known as the brand for creativity and self-expression, M•A•C has secured itself as the world’s leading Makeup authority at the forefront of Fashion trendsetting. Based on their thirty years of high fashion Makeup and major name collaborations, “Miles of M•A•C” presents 100 fantastic looks that blend fashion, beauty and culture together in the cinematic way that only M•A•C and Miles could.