Midway through the 20th Century, the call for a skincare line that stood up to the standards of physicians was answered with the creation of Embryolisse, a dermo-cosmetic line with a focus on balance and restoration. It quickly became a favourite amongst the most elegant of French dames, who could only then buy it at the pharmacy.  With decades of progressive skin surface research, and refined formulas of plant extracts and active agents, Embryolisse is purity, protection, renewal, and a gentle, yet diligent must for every beauty regime. In the short time since their do-all Lait de Crème formula hit the shelves in North America, elite beauty mavens have adopted it in cult fashion, and it has gone from pharmacy shelf to front and centre on every beauty blog Must-Have list. Not to mention it’s staple status in renowned Makeup Artists’ kits throughout the industry – we just can’t get enough of Embryolisse!