Coming from the heart of Europe’s most spa-centric country, Eminence founder Boldijarre Koronczay attributed his survival from childhood Leukemia to his organic lifestyle, and has dedicated his life to sharing those health benefits with the World. Coming from a family whose knowledge of using herbs, fruits and plants in natural remedies spanned generations, this unique awareness has been enhanced with skin care innovation to produce natural organic products, safe for every skin type, that deliver amazing results. Even now, as four-time voted Favourite Skin Care Line by skincare professionals and go-to for the likes of Madonna, each product is hand-crafted with the same quality and beauty of ingredients. Boldijarre now runs his global brand and lives in Vancouver, where he shares his eccentric enthusiasm for wellness with our team whenever he visits CurliQue Beauty. “Ez egy nagyszeru borapolo csalad!” (That’s Hungarian for “Wow, that’s a great skincare line!”)