Forever Puff

Film life is all about being in the right place at the right time and so, when she was having trouble making her powder do that, IATSE 891 member Fay Von Schroeder decided to do something about it. Taking matters into her own hands, Fay began a long, investigative journey into the construction of stock powder puffs, their materials and shapes. What resulted from the years of inquiries into foam, antibacterial materials and optimal shapes for maximum control and coverage is Fay’s line of Forever Puffs. Machine washable and antibacterial, these puffs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from finger-sized puffs to the ‘Bod’ puff specifically for buffing the body, they offer more control and  result in less wasted product. Whether you’re looking to powder a prosthetic creation, a blushing bride or remove the shine from a client in front of the camera, the different shapes and sized of Forever Puffs will allow optimal powder application in even the tiniest areas of the face. Toss a few into your kit and make sure to stock up on the ‘Mini’ puff for your own compact for perfect powder application anywhere, any surface and any job.