It’s what’s on the inside that counts! Or at least that’s the way Canadian-born brand DECIEM sees it. The same people that turned the beauty world on its head with The Ordinary and the minds behind The Chemistry have your beauty routine covered inside and out! Their new line, Fountain, is a collection of molecules aimed to focus on different areas of well-being – from energy levels to skin glow – in easy-to-take liquid formats. They are made up of eleven water-soluble, highly-bioavailable drinkable beauty treatments formulated to sustain all your health and beauty needs. Celebrated in publications like, Vogue,, and Byrdie, Foundation offers various ‘molecules’ that focus on beauty and health maintenance. Feeling stressed? Try the Happy Molecule. Its combination of GABA carrot complexed and hyaluronic acid matrix that counteracts chronic and short-term stress. Does your skin seem dull? Try the Glow Molecule. Its reactive, pre-oxidized, stable Glutathione complex will bring out brighter and more youthful-looking skin within a week! DECIEM even has you covered for that big meeting next week with their Geek Molecule which promotes cognitive function and mental stamina. Whatever your concern, there’s a molecule for that! Now we’re talking about beauty on the inside!