The origin story of GLAMGLOW is a true labour of love. Beginning with a casual comment over drink from an actor friend that there was no product with instant enough results to get them camera or red carpet ready, GLAMGLOW founders and real life sweethearts Glenn and Shannon Dellimore began to think of a solution. They created a product that, with the inclusion of their proprietary patented teaoxi technology which releases EGCG antioxidants, immediately left skin more smooth and clear for longer securing this little jar of mud a first row seat in the bags of the industry’s top makeup artists and skin care professionals and on the counters of some of the most well known actors. Already a celeb favourite and the foundation of many a red carpet look, their masks were catching attention of beauty editors of major publications like Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and GQ and becoming a staple for anyone wanting to look their absolute best for a night out. Whether your skin needs deep purification, detoxification, exfoliation, hydration or just a lil’ polish, GLAMGLOW masks are made for men and women with any skin type and can be combined with any skin care regime. So go ahead and steal that spotlight!