House of Lashes at CurliQue Beauty Boutique VancouverWelcome to lash heaven! House of Lashes offers light-weight styles that will transform you into a makeup goddess. Since their inception in 2012, the brand has become an Instagram favourite (with 2.2 million followers!) and a massive hit with beauty gurus and celebs like Desi Perkins and Cardi B — for good reason! The carefully crafted and versatile lash line was created with all types of customers in mind. House of Lashes offers flirty and fluttery styles that flatter every eye-shape. Whether you prefer a wispy and natural pair or a dramatic glam set, there is an option for every makeup lover. Not just about stunning styles, House of Lashes is all about substance too — ethically manufactured and sold in recyclable packaging, their on-trend lashes are made from 100% sterilized human hair and cruelty-free synthetic fibres. CurliQue is the only Canadian store where you can shop the official House of Lashes collection in person, so be sure to come in and snap up a pair or two for yourself!