Jodie Perks was slinging drinks in the hottest pubs in Calgary in 2002 and looking for a way to take her looks to levels of ‘Glam, bam, thank you ma’am!’ when she discovered that there was no decent cosmetic glitter on the market. Taking these glitter matters into her own hands, Jodie buried herself in her top secret ‘glitter dungeon’, studying ‘glitterology’ and testing formula after formula until she got what she was looking for – glitter that would stay in place, be comfortable and keep on shinin’. And so, LIT was born. Now with multiple liquid adhesives perfected, four varieties and sizes of glitter to choose from, LIT is the largest selection of glitter products on the market and has landed among beauty giants such as Sephora and Beautylish, even snagging the “Editor’s Choice Award” from Temptalia. LIT even adorns those outrageous performers in Cirque du Soleil! Whether you’re looking for a little oomph to add to your highlight or digging a multi-hued creative look, LIT will let your creativity soar and your face sparkle. So just remember – No glitter, no glory!