The MakeUp Eraser (and its signature shocking pink tone) is one of the biggest products on the beauty scene horizon, finding itself highlighted in Makeup Artist Magazine and countless beauty blogs. Conceptualized in 2012, the MakeUp Eraser was the result of three generations of McCarthy women  battling the excess costs and wastes of makeup removers and cleansers. The reusable, machine-washable, antibacterial and ultra soft cloth needs only warm water to wash away your makeup – no matter how much product you’re wearing. The MakeUp Eraser takes the need for any other removers or cleansers completely out of your routine removing even the most stubborn, waterproof, theatrical, stage or sport makeup. Free of chemicals or additives, this award-winning innovation gives you a natural and effective way to remove your makeup that will leave you with fresh, healthy skin. Whether you’re travelling, hitting the gym, or packing for set, the MakeUp Eraser has got your skin covered – or should we say uncovered? For those wondering ‘how?!’, the magic is in the knit! Specially knit polyester creates a hydro-mechanical process that breaks the surface tension of the oils that bond makeup to the skin. On the other side of the cloth is a longer knit that will dry and exfoliate your face in just a few quick swipes. And did we mention, the MakeUp Eraser lasts a thousand washes. Make pink your new green!