We’ve love, love, LOVED being part of your MORPHE story and seeing all the gorgeous looks that you’ve created with these palettes. CurliQue Beauty will no longer be stocking Morphe as they will now only be stocked in their own free-standing stores and online. 
All Morphe eyeshadow palettes are 40% off in-store while supplies last so make sure and hit us up for the rest of our Morphe stock while you can!

Everybody is raving about Morphe. You would know it if you’ve ever been to a Makeup trade show and have reckoned with the Morphe lineup; it’s the queue that seemingly winds on into infinity, growing only longer as the days wind down. That’s because a shop at Morphe is simply a must – we can’t get enough of it! Morphe is pro performance at a full-access cost, making fans of everyone from first-time blenders to seasoned veterans looking to bulk up on kit stock. They offer a whole host of favourites including top selling tools from the fluffiest foundation brush to the softest eye-definers and angled contour brushes… and brush rolls! Their slim, pigment-packed palettes – filled with 35 soft, buttery and blendable shadows – are heart-eye-emoji-worthy and have been popping up in beauty lovers’ makeup hauls all over the globe.







Morphe makeup palettes in Vancouver