musst makeup professional brush cleanser vancouver

Celebrated as a kit essential among Pro Makeup Artists is MUSST Brush Cleanser, a powerful vegan and paraben-free formula that’s guaranteed to have a revitalizing effect on your makeup tools. Founded and manufactured in Canada, MUSST Brush Cleansers contain a nourishing Eucalyptus Oil in their formula which helps remove stubborn product build-up and instantly dries brush bristles upon washing—allowing you to use your tools immediately after cleansing.

CurliQue Beauty Boutique is proud to be the exclusive Vancouver retailer for MUSST Brush Cleansers.

Created and manufactured in Canada
• Paraben-free
• Vegan formula
• Dry ultra quickly
• 100% humane
• Without water

Eucalyptus oil will revitalize the hair and it has the property to dry very quickly, you can use the brushes between each makeup application.