Rachel Winard, Founder of Brooklyn-based vegan skincare line, Soapwalla, would prefer to be called a Chef.
It makes sense when you see her ingredients lists, which read like items you might find in a basket of freshly harvested market goods: rosehip, lemongrass, bergamot and jojoba seed. “If I refuse to put something in my body, I don’t want to put it on my body either,” vowed Rachel after being diagnosed with a systemic autoimmune condition. She’d been classically trained in Violin at Juilliard, had attended Columbia Law School, but now she had a new mission: to bring nutritional healing to the skincare world. She set up shop, appropriately, in her Brooklyn apartment kitchen.

Flash forward and Soapwalla has become the avocado toast of the cosmetic world, with effusive features on Refinery29 and, in Vogue and The New York Times. Into The Gloss boss Emily Weiss and writer/actress Tavi Gevinson both swear by their signature Deodorant Cream. And though they may have moved out of Rachel’s kitchen, they’re still making Soapwalla products by hand, in small batches, with the same home-cooked quality and loving attention to detail.