Though it’s now a backstage, Hollywood, and Fashion Week favourite, T3 started as simply a labour of love. Watching his girlfriend struggle with a less-than-reliable hairdryer to get ready for work was all it took to spark the idea for T3 (Tourmaline 3) in Kent Yu’s head. A short year later yielded the T3 Featherweight hair dryer which would drastically reduce drying time and increase hair health, proving once-and-for-all it’s celebrity status by being included in Oscar Award gift bags. Debuted in NYFW and winner of many accolades and awards in publications such as Allure, the Featherweight T3 has sold over a million units and garnered backstage, celebrity stylist and beauty publication attention by blowing past all other comparable products. The difference? The ‘Tourmaline’ – or ‘electric stone’ – emits negative ions to decrease drying time, enable retention of natural moisture and increase hair shine. Rather than the chaotic gusts of air from other hair dryers, the T3 hair dryer includes a specially engineered fan that instead blows ion-enriched air out of the cone end of the dryer at a soft and gentle speed avoiding the split-ends, frizz and flyways that usually come with blow drying. T3 products can be found in the UK, Mexico and all across the globe; come check them out at CurliQue as well!