Veronica Lorenz is one of the biggest players behind the global Makeup scene. A celebrity and film Makeup Artist, she is also the co-founder of one of the world’s most iconic beauty products – the beautyblender. But Veronica’s story doesn’t end there. In fact, that’s merely the start of her impact on the beauty world. Veronica grew up in Vancouver, BC with plans of becoming a professional figure skater until she discovered she had a benign cervical spinal cord tumour that reduced the feeling in her right hand. She adapted her life to using her left hand, perfecting her artistic and makeup skills with new dexterity. When her tumour returned, it took the feeling of both her hands. Nevertheless, Veronica decided to create a stamp that would allow her to continue to create her signature cat eye look. And so, The Vamp Stamp was born. Upon its 2017 release, the eyeliner stamp had sold out numerous times and had a collected viewership over 70 million worldwide. Veronica’s dream of creating innovative solutions for makeup application that defy tradition and embrace inclusion is now a reality in her brand The Vamp Stamp.