If 20 years in the entertainment industry doing makeup and grooming, and one exceptionally stressful time in Tel Aviv consisting of a lost kit and only hours to go until Fergie with the Black Eyed Peas needed to be performance ready has taught Brenda Green one thing – never be without makeup. With that in mind, Brenda began researching and manufacturing clear compartmentalized, durable and stackable makeup cases and the Vueset cases were born. A completely new way to carry, see, organize and work with the products in your kit, not to mention TSA friendly, Vueset cases will make your kits lighter, more organized and allow you to see and put to use all those products floating around in the nether-regions of your kit. Built for the hustle and bustle of photo shoots, backstage music shows, cramped side stages of theatre productions or your own bathroom, Vueset cases fit together when open to create the most efficient use of makeup counter space to get the job done. Whether you’re running from set-to-set or not sure what you’re in for on a specific job, Vueset fits everything you may need, keeping it instantly accessible and accountable with just a glance.

So go on, Vueset yourself.