About Us
About Us
Our mission is to create a whole new shopping experience where

Retail + Education + Entertainment converge.

We celebrate the world of beauty and well being with an incredible lineup of quality makeup, nail, skin and hair care products! We welcome everyone to join us in exploring in our learning laboratory and take advantage of the services we offer! Lets face it, everyone deserves some special pampering!
Locally Owned and Fiercely Independent.
CurliQue Beauty

An extension of the Blanche Macdonald Centre family, CurliQue Beauty is our learning laboratory where we celebrate education, retail and entertainment. We've bundled up everything that we love about our internationally renowned schooling, and folded it all into a gorgeous, professional retail space!

Nestled into the bright and beautiful bustle of downtown Vancouver, Curlique is the epicenter of all things beauty. We throw our doors open each day to make our guests feel special, and welcome them with world-class service. We carry a diverse and carefully selected collection of products that has made CQ a hot spot for makeup, hair, and skincare lovers, professional artists, and everyday product aficionados alike! Our sprawling gallery space is home to a host of unique lines, making sure that we keep you on your toes with exciting new product and keep your favourites coming, meeting everyone's beauty needs!

CurliQue is also a creative classroom, a field for practice and a launching pad for our future Makeup Superstars. We host retail training, sharing knowledge that has come with our collective decades spent in the industry, and we hear the stories of each of our lines told from our speakers' platform on the regular. Our mission for our student visits is to foster their skill sets in a cutting edge and collaborative environment, customizing learning styles to allow each artist's personality to shine!

Our Q Talent members are all Pro Artists and fellow BMC graduates. We take pride in our work and love opening up our world of creativity and inspiration! We celebrate our individual personalities, those of our CQ friends, and together we share our artistry and collaborate with each other to deliver experiences that encourage passion, excitement and play. We are forever learning, forever pushing ourselves in excellence with each new face we encounter.

Pop in for product, pop in to play with us at CQ Headquarters! We can't wait to welcome you to our space.

A big scoop of sunshine and a kaleidoscope of dreams!
xo CurliQue Beauty