Gina Gina Hansen
Director of Retail Operations

Gina is the go-go dynamo of our CQ family, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge from her years spent leading in such powerhouses as MAC cosmetics, Apple, Starbucks, Kiehls and Estee Lauder. Whether she’s gathering new friends to join our diverse roster of brands, or lending her savvy to mentoring the CQ team, Gina is always a ball of energy and animates us with her passion for excellence. Her lovely aura, go-getting attitude and incredible skill set encourage and inspire our team to realize their fullest potential!

Out of the ‘office’, Gina takes her shimmer home, where she is a loving wife and fierce mamma of two beautiful young ladies, and balances her love of Audrey Hepburn with the role of sports fan (always the most stylish one in the stands)!

Beautiful, fiery, intelligent and compassionate. That’s our Gina!



Jaylene-McRae Jaylene McRae
Q- Talent Leader

Jaylene is our Queen of Transformations, and reigns over the hearts of CurliQue with her warmth and compassion through beauty! Her expertise in all areas of makeup, lovingly gathered throughout her incredible career that’s seen her through from the Global Makeup program of Blanche Macdonald, to the glimmer of MAKE UP FOR EVER, Nars Cosmetics, Thierry Mugler Beaute and her glamorous life in Vancouver’s premiere drag scene, is sweetened with a fabulous sense of play and passion for exploring. Every Jaylene experience is an opportunity to feel your most beautiful self, as she connects to your personal story and taste for beauty adventure. Celebrated for her extraordinary transformational makeup designs, Jaylene demonstrates her passion with detail and precision and believes that the only limit for an artist is their imagination!

Jaylene embodies our CQ mindset to the fullest, making every day exciting and full of growth. We can’t wait for you to meet our Jaylene – the hostess with the mostess!



Trish Gaskin
Inventory Specialist

As with a glamorous stage performance, CurliQue’s sparkle wouldn’t be possible without our behind-the-scenes superstar, Trish! Trish makes sure that all of your familiar favourites are here for you when you need them, keeping you on your toes with exciting new products to crush on. Her attention to detail, know-how and calm workings create a smooth and soothing base in the backstage bustle of CQ HQ. She is an integral and treasured member on our CurliQue team!

Trish is not one to kick her feet up when she’s done work for the day, but kick up her heels with her love of baseball and passion for helping out those in need, lending her spare time to volunteering with charity organizations (especially ones focused on supporting our four-legged friends!).

A great sense of humour, a beautiful heart and a zest for life. Don’t miss out on who we have working behind the curtain!



Mimi Choi

Having been a Montessori teacher before becoming a student of Blanche Macdonald’s Global Makeup program, Mimi makes each guest feel welcome in the daily play of the CQ floor, and is constantly pushing herself creatively. She’s become an Instagram Makeup star and Master Illusionist thanks to the popularity her late night creations have found online. From sushi hands to wobbly-lined faces to breath-taking bridal, Mimi does it all! Earnest, genuine and eager to help each customer realize their own artistry and inner beauty, Mimi’s talent and heart stands out from any crowd. Her passion for learning, breathtaking artistry and engaging personality make up a perfect CurliQue cocktail!

With the brilliant flash of her smile and a few strokes of her brush, you’re guaranteed a fabulous experience with Mimi!



Isabel Carias

Fearless in the face of the fabulous and new, Isabel is often spotted with a pout slicked in bold shades of blue or paved in glitter, and paired with flicks of liner that are fiercer than fierce! (Go on girl! We LOVE it!) Our newest CQ team member joins us as a graduate of both Blanche Macdonald’s Makeup and Spa Therapy programs, meaning she has two-times the savvy to share, and she shares it through an absolute love for what she does. You can’t help but be swept away with her charming energy and electric purple mane!

Isabel’s expertise extends below her spectacular flourishes, right down to the skin – as a certified skin therapist, she knows how to set the stage of the face with a gorgeous glow, making her makeup all the more radiant. We are thrilled to have her as a skincare expert on our team, eager to dish out tips for beautiful, nourished skin, and guide you through each of our standout skincare lines.

Whether you’re looking to up the glow factor in your daily regime or catch eyes with a striking look, Isabel’s passionate attention will give you the vigor and zip to take on your day with confidence.


Evelyn Affleck

An artist since day one, Evelyn brings her unique and exquisite painterly style to the floor of CQ. Her gentle demeanour and warmth radiates and touches everyone who crosses her path. Evelyn spent her time volunteering on the floor of CQ all through her time in Blanche Macdonald’s Global Makeup program and we couldn’t let her go! Always eager to help clients find whatever they’re looking for, Evelyn’s patience and graciousness are sure to lead the way to the perfect product. A singer, painter and everything in-between (not to mention those picture-perfect bangs!) Evelyn’s knowledge and understanding of all things beauty is sure to knock your socks off!

When Evelyn isn’t creating her jaw-dropping looks, she can be found spending time with those she loves or gathering fodder for even more looks during her travels.

Pop by for a glimpse of Evelyn’s perfect bangs, dazzling smile and she’ll help you find everything you’re looking for!


Ana Espinoza

Elegant and poised, our Spanish flower Ana is one of the jewels in our CQ crown. A graduate from the Global Makeup program of Blanche Macdonald in 2007, Ana found her way back to us after 6 incredible years at MAC and we couldn’t be more delighted! Her incredibly lovely energy and laughter constantly keeps our CQ floor in bright spirits all day long. Ana’s industry knowledge and insight is unparalleled and she’s always ready to learn and explore with her clients. Sensational skills aside, Ana is the definition of beauty, inside and out.

Off the CQ floor, Ana creates looks ranging from stunning beauty to some of the most whimsical creations we’ve seen!

Stop by and let Ana show you around!